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Bhutan, the Kingdom of the Thunder Dragon, attracts global travelers with its enchanting history of exotic culture, surreal mountainscape, untouched scenery, hospitable people, and unique ways of life. 

Bhutan is a promising and exclusive Asian country for travel tastes ranging from culture buffs, lovebirds, and adventure enthusiasts.

For those simply seeking escapades from modern life encapsulating the richness of various Bhutanese highlights, Bhutan trip is well worth it. 

To provide the most comprehensive Bhutan trip travel guide for everyone, Norbu Bhutan Travel provides an all-inclusive guide to make your Bhutan trip unique, wholesome, and memorable.

Overview of Bhutan

Take a memorable Bhutan Trip

Bhutan is a landlocked South Asian country nestled in the foothills of the fabled Himalayas. This small country is sandwiched between India and Tibet, just east of Nepal and north of Bangladesh, with a total coverage of around 38,400 km2. 

Due to its unique location, Bhutan’s terrain mostly consists of mountainous slopes, valleys, and hills.

Best Time For A Trip To Bhutan

The best time for a trip to Bhutan is in the fall (from the end of September to the end of November), when the weather is pleasant, with clear blue skies and dry, sunny days ideal for sightseeing excursions, outdoor activities, and exceptional photographic opportunities.

Autumn, particularly in October, is also a festive season in Bhutan, with numerous traditional festivals celebrated in most parts of the country, allowing tourist to immerse themselves in the world of Bhutanese essences.

Bhutan is enchanting throughout the year, and the country invites tourists with other captivating festivals and each season. 

Spring in Bhutan may be rainier than autumn, but it is an excellent time to admire the wild beauty of magnolias, rhododendrons, and other wildflowers in the valleys. 

Summer is a good time to visit major cities such as Paro, Punakha, Thimphu’s capital, and other areas in the west. If you enjoy snow activities, a winter trip to Bhutan is a truly thrilling adventure that awaits you.


Bhutan is frequently referred to as the world’s last fortress of traditional Himalayan Buddhist culture. 

Bhutan’s official religion is Vajrayana Buddhism. As a result, Buddhism is central to Bhutanese customs and culture, and most residents are followers of the religion. 

Buddhism impacts many aspects of a country, such as traditions, government, national regulations, administrative work, and even education. 

Bhutan houses a wide variety of cultural attractions, most of which are Buddhist sites or influenced by Buddhist architectural art, which can be seen in traditional Bhutanese houses and monasteries during your trip to Bhutan.


Bhutanese tourism infrastructure has greatly improved in recent years, with more options for services and amenities for tourists on their trip to Bhutan. 

While Bhutan has opened up to the world, it still adheres to valuable principles that contribute significantly to local culture, environmental preservation, and sustainable tourism development. 

Fun fact: Despite opening its borders in early 70s, Bhutan has managed to remain untouched and hidden from the rest of the world.

Travel Advice For Bhutan Trip

Bhutan Trip With Your Family And Friends

Prior to starting your Bhutan trip, tourists traveling from abroad must to get a travel visa. You cannot apply Visa on arrival on the airport, as in many other countries, nor will tourists be able to locate a Bhutanese embassy, as Bhutan maintains only a few official diplomatic relations worldwide. 

The procedures for obtaining a visa to enter Bhutan can be challenging, therefore you should seek assistance from travel agencies for a smooth and swift procedure. 

At Norbu Bhutan Travel, we collect necessary documents from our guests to assist them in obtaining a travel visa and email the copy of the travel visa before departure.

Note: To enter the enchanting country, you must print the copy and bring it to the airport. 

Common Etiquettes 

  • You should wear decent clothes when visiting formal and or sacred places in Bhutan. Visitors are not allowed to take pictures inside certain attractions.
  • Refusing food for the first time is a custom in Bhutan, in fact, it’s seen as a sign of respect. Cover your mouth and say “Mezhu,” as done by Bhutanese people.
  • Tobacco use in public places such as restaurants, streets, and halls is prohibited in Bhutan. You must not smoke in public places, or you will be fined or even imprisoned by the police.
  • Because Buddhism is Bhutan’s national religion, it is illegal to kill any living organism. This law is based on Buddhist philosophies’ traditional values.

Discover Bhutanese Dzongs’ Unique Architectural Heritage

Visit Fortress on your Bhutan Trip

Dzongs and massive monastaries in Bhutan are symbolic and fine examples of unique Bhutanese architectural art. 

Dzongs, in particular, serve various purposes. They are used for both religious and administrative purposes. Each dzong is important in the administration of the kingdom. As a result, most travel itineraries include sightseeing tours of famous Bhutanese dzongs. 

Tashichho Dzong, Punakha Dzong, and Rinpung Dzong in Paro are the most visited dzongs in Western Bhutan, while Trongsa Dzong and Trashigang Dzong are two other majestic architectures worth a visit in central and Eastern Bhutan.

Challenging Bhutanese Trails

Trek Popular Trails On Your Bhutan Trip

Bhutan is a fantastic destination for adventure seekers who want to discover intact natural treasures. 

The country, with its majestic landscape, pristine nature, and biodiverse ecosystem, offers a variety of hiking and trekking options ranging from day trips to multi-day adventures for people of all fitness levels. 

Some popular trails in Bhutan include the Bumdra, Druk Path, Jhomolhari Trek, the Snowman, and the Bumthang Owl.

Exotic Cultural Highlights Of Bhutan

Experience Bhutanese Culture On Your Bhutan Trip

Bhutanese culture is authentic and enchanting, and global travelers want to come and experience it. 

Trying some of the famous Bhutanese foods, take part in traditional celebrations, learning about the region’s arts and heritage, or simply getting a glimpse into local culture through engaging excursions will provide you with the most unforgettable travel experiences and an exceptional in-depth understanding of Bhutan.

Bhutan can excite interest in finding inner peace and internal happiness by encompassing some of the most natural heritages and intriguing cultural and spiritual highlights that have been well-preserved through many generations. 

We hope that your Bhutan trip will broaden your perspective on an isolated and very peaceful country and raise your awareness of the importance of being responsible travelers. 

Being a magical destination that not many people on earth have the chance to visit, a trip to Bhutan is a dream for tourist seeking somewhere exotic, enchanting, and mesmerizing. 

Feel free to browse our Bhutan private tours, ranging from classic to interest-based itineraries and discover why the small yet majestic Himalayan kingdom has become a must-visit destination.

Book an extraordinary journey for your Bhutan trip today! Keep up to date on the latest travel information with us.

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