Are you a winter lover and are planning a trip to Bhutan during the season? Bhutan is a country that experiences a series of physical and climatic transformations.
Many people believe that road trips are becoming obsolete since airlines make travel more convenient. Driving across the country can give you more than just an unforgettable experience; it can get you closer to nature.
Learning the native language is the first step in learning about another culture. The same can be said of English-speaking countries. Even English-speaking countries have their own terms and connotations.
Worried about Covid regulations while still wanting to travel. Here is a list of reasons Bhutan has remained safe during these trying times.
According to the Director General of Tourism Council of Bhutan, Dorji Dhradhul, when tourism reopens, tourists entering the country have to show their vaccine certificate in addition to a negative PCR test
A team of 21 people working in tourism such as guides, cooks, and horsemen revived an ancient route in Haa and developed it into a new trekking trail. Calling it the ‘Haa Panorama Hiking Trail’