Must-try Dishes On Your Bhutan Trip

Every year, thousands of tourists travel to Bhutan, one of the most attractive and ecologically stunning country. More than 2500 glacial lakes, breathtaking mountains, dizzying rivers, and abundant flora and animals may be found throughout the country. 

Bhutan is not only geographically rich but also religiously and culturally rich. They reflect on the history and heritage of the country. The street food in Bhutan is one such element that is part of Bhutan’s heritage and a collective representative of their culture.

When exploring Bhutan, be sure to experience the exquisite blend of local ingredients that make up Bhutanese cuisine. The local cuisine is important to the people and also draws tourists to the area.

Here are the top 10 street foods you must taste on your next trip to Bhutan.

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1. Momo Dumplings

Try Bhutanese Dumpling On Your Bhutan Trip

Tibetan cuisine is the source of this well-known street dish in Bhutan. Momos are simply dumplings that can be seen in every corner of Bhutan. 

Although they resemble Chinese dumplings in many ways, they are unique in their way. The dumpling is prepared by steaming it with the tangy flavor of side tomato ezay dip.

Momos can be made and served in a variety of ways, including by steaming, frying, sautéing, and pan-fried. 

The stuffing inside the momos differs depending on the type of momo. They include minced pork or beef, cabbage, fresh cheese, garlic, and coriander leaves and is an absolute must-try dish on your Bhutan trip.

2. Thukpa Noodle Soup

Try Tibetan Delicacy Thukpa On Bhutan Trip

Thukpa, is a flavorful and calming food, and the perfect Thukpa in the appropriate setting may calm your spirit. 

It is yet another delicacy with Tibetan roots that is both rich and varied. The meal highlights the wholesome indigenous flavor of Bhutanese street food. 

The green chilies add heat and tang to the soup, which is already tangy from the garlic, chopped onions, noodles, and stock. Thukpa is available in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian varieties. 

The non-vegetarian version’s chopped veggies are swapped out for red meat or poached eggs as the main difference. The Vegetarian Thukpa also has no dairy components, making it a suitable vegan food.

3. Suja – A Tea made with Butter

Must-try Suja on your Bhutan Trip

One of the street snacks in Bhutan you should try is this hot beverage. It’s a unique butter tea recipe with fermented yak or cow butter, salt, and 2-3 cups of water.

The amount of butter added to the tea determines how salty the mixture will be. Serving it with “zaow,” simply puffed rice, enhances its flavor the most.

4. Jasha Maroo – Chicken Stew in Bhutan

Try This Combination Of Flavor On Your Bhutan Trip

This is a hot Bhutanese chicken stew and a non-vegetarian delicacy you must try on your Bhutan trip. 

The straightforward dish consists of freshly chopped chicken mixed with chilies, onions, tomatoes, and coriander leaves. However, the dish has a great flavor and combination of flavors.

These spices blend wonderfully with the flavor of the chicken broth to give your palate a delicious kick. 

This is a healthful and nutritious food; the dish can be made by replacing chicken with beef.

5. Ema Datshi: The National Cuisine

Moutherwatering Chili Cheese Dish

Ema datshi is  a traditional Bhutanese dish and Bhutan’s most well-known street cuisine and  made with cheese and chilies. 

It comes in both thick and sticky textures. Almost all restaurants and food establishments in Bhutan serve this wonderful dish. 

The recipe includes garlic, oil, split chilies, onions, tomatoes, green, yellow, and red chiles, and fresh Bhutanese cheese. Red rice is usually paired with this meal.

6. Yaksha Shakam

Try This Mouthwatering Meal on your Bhutan Trip

Yak, which resembles beef but is considerably juicier and sweeter, is the main ingredient in this recipe. It is one of the best foods and a true treat for non-vegetarians. 

The combination of all the yak meat, yak cheese, hot peppers, and other seasonings is cooked to produce what is perhaps Bhutan’s best street meal. 

Furthermore, the dish can be cooked differently by alternating the other ingredients around Yak meat.

7. Goen Hogay – A Salad Sidedish

Spicy Tangy Cucumber Salad on your Bhutan Trip

This well-liked delicacy is a cucumber salad, one of Bhutan’s healthiest street food. It is well-liked by locals and visitors and is often served as a side dish. 

Cucumber tastes great and is healthy when combined with tomatoes, Sichuan pepper, onions, cilantro, and chilies.

8. Shamu Datshi – Cheese and Mushroom Mix

Try Mushroom Datshi On Your Bhutan Trip

This meal is extremely similar to Ema Datshi and is prepared similarly, except the primary ingredient is mushroom. 

It is prepared throughout the country and is the ideal fusion of tomatoes, onions, garlic, and hot peppers. Similar to the Ema Datshi, this is offered with red rice.

9. Phaksha Paa – Confluence of Pork and Chilies

Must-Try Traditional Pork Dish

In Bhutan, a traditional dish called Phaksha Paa is created with pork and many red chiles. 

Once the stew has been cooked, more dry pork and chilies are added. The quantity of spiciness in the dish varies depending on where you are. 

Mountain vegetables such as asparagus, broccoli and ferns are also added to enhance the flavor in some places. Phaksha Paa is typically accompanied by rice and is a dish worth trying on your trip to Bhutan.

10. The Cheesy Potato (Kewa Datshi)

Try This Dish With Red Rice

The Kewa Datshi is another well-known street snack among Bhutanese locals. Furthermore, it is a straightforward recipe whose main ingredients are cheese and potatoes. 

The potato is cut into thinner pieces and fried before being combined with tomatoes, butter, and hot peppers. The potato and cheese are the star ingredients since they combine flawlessly to produce the ideal flavor.

Bhutan’s diverse culinary experience is unquestionably unique. On your trip to Bhutan, take a moment to notice how perfectly accurately the food is prepared and how warmly it is served.

Bhutan’s incredible street cuisines are another reason to explore the gorgeous scenery. You can spice up your vacation with all of these delectable treats. 

Planning a trip to Bhutan is never too late or too early. Get started on planning your trip to the home of the Thunder Dragon right away.

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