Government Holidays and Special Events

Winter Solstice02 Jan
Traditional Day of Offering09 Jan
Losar, Bhutanese New Year08, 09 Feb
Birth Anniversary of His Majesty, the fifth King21, 22 & 23 Feb
Zhabdrung Kuchoe, Birth Anniversary of the Shabdrung15 April
Birthday of the Third King02 May
Lord Buddha’s Parnirvana19 May
Birthday of Guru Rimpoche, Trindha Tshechu12 July
First Sermon of Lord Buddha05 August
Dashain09 Oct
Descending Day of Lord Buddha19 Nov
Birth Anniversary of His Majesty the fourth King11 Nov
National Day of Bhutan17 Dec

List of Dzongs, Monasteries, Festivals, open for visitors

Not all religious institutions are open for visitors but still they get good insight into Kingdom’s unique cultural heritage. The closure of religious establishments is to ensure that monastic life can continue unhindered and works of art can be protected and sanctity of such places can be preserved.

Western Bhutan

Paro : Ta Dzong (National Museum), Drukgyel Dzong, Bitekha Dzong (en route to Haa valley), Taktsang Monastery (view from Tourist cafeteria), Paro Tshechu

Thimphu : Trashichhoedzong, Memorial Chorten, Changlimethang Lhakhang and Jigmeling Lhakhang, Thimphu Tshechu

Punakha : Punakha Dzong (open in summer months when monks are in Thimphu), Punakha Dromche

Wangduephodrang : Wangduephodrang Tsechu, Wangduephodrang Dzong

Central Bhutan

Bumthang : Jakar Dzong, Wangduechholing Dzong, Member Tsho,Peling Sermon Chorten, Ura new Lhakhang, Kurje Tsechu, Nemalung Tsechu, Tamshing Phala Choepa, Tangbi Mani, Jambey Lhakhang Drup, Prakar Tsechu

Trongsa : Chendbji Chorten, Ta Dzong, Trongsa Tsechu

Eastern Bhutan

Mongar : Mongar Dzong, Mongar Tsechu

Trashigang : Trashigang Tsechu, Zangtho Pelri, Kanglung Lhakhang, Khaling Lhakhang, Radhi Lhakhang, Trashiyangtse Dzong

Samdrup Jongkhar : Zangtho Pelri Lhakhang

Phuentsholing : Kharbandi Goemba, Kamji Monastery, Zangtho Pelri Lhakhang

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Himalayan lodges and retreats

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The Village lodge Bumthang

Bumthang is a religious central hub, and one of the most desired tourist destinations in Bhutan.

The Valley Camp Phobjikha

The valley camp is a one of a kind retreat that offers cozy rooms and amenities.

The Village Lodge Paro

Paro is home to many fascinating things. Experience the relaxing lifestyle in the village.

Taktsang Village Resort

Paro has many highlights for tourists. One of the most beautiful of Bhutan’s valleys.

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Things you should know

The daily $250 tariff

Foreign travelers to Bhutan have to pay an all inclusive daily Tariff of $ 250. This pays for all their expenses during their stay.

Mandatory travel guide 

All tourists must be accompanied by a guide assigned to them by their travel agent. The guide fee is paid from their daily tariff.

Which season to visit?

The best time to visit the country is during the Spring and Autumn seasons. There are many festivals and sights to see during these times of the year.

How to get here?

There is one international airport in the country. Regular flights are conducted by the two airlines; Druk Air and Bhutan Airlines. Contact us for more information on availability of flights to our country.

Preparing for the weather

Bhutan is a country that enjoys all four season of the year. Be sure to pack according to the season in which you intend to make your travel plans.

Embrace the culture

Prepare to embrace our culture while remembering to respect the way of life. Temples and Dzongs (Fortresses) require etiquette and proper dress codes.

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