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Legends and fabled tales of old described the Himalayas as a realm of mystery and for centuries …

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Honouring Guru Padsambhava ‘one who was born from lotus flower’. This Indian saint contributed enormously to…

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Explore what truly sets Bhutan apart from anywhere else and discover one of the most remote kingdoms on earth.

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Enjoy the many colorful and religious festivals of the Kingdom. Every festival having its own history and significance..

Embrace the Culture of the worlds safest travel destination!

Bhutan Lifestyle and Culture

Excited To See The Bhutanese Culture?

Bhutanese Food

Excited To Taste The Local Cuisine?

Seeking Freedom, Excitement and Speed? our Bhutan Motorcycle Safari might be for you. 

This Royal Enfield Motorcycle tour in Bhutan, Nepal and North East India has a combination of tea estates, monasteries and serpentine roads. This relaxing and easy going Motorcycle tour offers magnificent views of the Kanchenjunga especially in the early morning at Tiger Hill in Darjeeling, India and beautiful lofty ridges of the Eastern Himalayas in Bhutan and Nepal, a land of incredible beauty. You also have the chance of river rafting in Kosi River in Nepal and a visit to the Chitwan Wild Life Park.

Things you should know

The Daily USD 100 Sustainable Development (SDF) Fee.

Foreign visitors to Bhutan must pay a sustainable fee of USD 100 per day.

The Minimum Daily Package Rate (MDPR) has been removed.

Tourists will be able to engage service providers directly and pay for their services accordingly.

Which season to visit?

The best time to visit the country is during the Spring and Autumn seasons. There are many festivals and sights to see during these times of the year.

How to get here?

There is one international airport in the country. Regular flights are conducted by the two airlines; Druk Air and Bhutan Airlines. Contact us for more information on availability of flights to our country.

Preparing for the weather.

Bhutan is a country that enjoys all four season of the year. Be sure to pack according to the season in which you intend to make your travel plans.

Embrace the culture.

Prepare to embrace our culture while remembering to respect the way of life. Temples and Dzongs (Fortresses) require etiquette and proper dress codes.

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Gross National Happiness GNH

Happiness For The People

himalayan hotels and lodges

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The Village lodge Bumthang

Bumthang is a religious central hub, and one of the most desired tourist destinations in Bhutan.

The Valley Camp Phobjikha

The valley camp is a one of a kind retreat that offers cozy rooms and amenities.

The Village Lodge Paro

Paro is home to many fascinating things. Experience the relaxing lifestyle in the village.

Taktsang Village Resort

Paro has many highlights for tourists. One of the most beautiful of Bhutan’s valleys.

Get in touch with nature 
the best
Birding  Tours that will lead you to other paths.

Despite its small size about 770 species of birds have been recorded in Bhutan and the kingdom is recognized as 221 global endemic birds areas. Within country’s borders there are extraordinary range of habitats, from some of the Himalaya’s most extensive and least disturbed tropical forests to cool broad leaved and towering evergreen forests of fir, hemlock and spruce.

Travel To The Land Of The Thunder Dragon

Things To Do In Bhutan

Are you an expert climber? Take on one of the most difficult treks in the world. The Snowman Trek! 

This trek goes to the remote Lunana district and considered the most challenging trek in Bhutan. The attributes those make it a tough trek are; distances, altitudes, weather and remoteness.

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