Bhutan hotels
Bhutan Hotels
Dreamy Bhutan hotels, lodges, and retreats with breathtaking views

Although luxury is unlikely to come to mind when thinking of Bhutan, the country’s “High Value, Low Volume” tourism policy has effectively made it a highly valued destination among discerning travelers. 

Bhutan hotels, high-end lodges, and retreats are strategically located around the country and offer a degree of sophistication and luxury in accommodation that is unsurpassed in the Himalayas. 

Here is a selection of 12 high-end Bhutan hotels, lodges, and retreats with stunning views that will entice you to visit this magnificent country rich in natural beauty with Norbu Bhutan Travel Pvt. Ltd.

1. Le-Meridien, Thimphu and Paro

Bhutan hotels
The best Bhutan hotels with riverfront view of the Paro valley

Marriott’s Le Meridien brand manages two outstanding resorts in Bhutan. 

The Le Méridien Thimphu is centrally located in Bhutan’s capital, providing easy access to the Memorial Chorten (stupa constructed in remembrance of the third king of Bhutan), Tashichhodzong (administrative building of Thimphu), and other attractions worth visiting. 

Bhutan hotels are tastefully designed and feature Bhutanese furnishings that blend well with modern design. 

The Le Meridien Paro, Riverfront, is located on the banks of the Paro river and offers magnificent views of the Eastern Himalayas. 

Most 5-star Bhutan hotels offer a spa, an indoor pool, restaurants, and meeting rooms perfect for any traveler.

2. Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary, Paro

Bhutan hotels
One of the most charming 5-star Bhutan hotels

The Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary was awarded “the most charming 5-star Bhutan hotel” in 2019. 

It is a wonderful retreat in Bhutan that will definitely purify your mind, body, and soul. 

This one-of-a-kind 24-room Bhutan hotel is located in Paro’s gorgeous Neyphu valley, approximately 20 minutes from the international airport. 

The rooms are bright and lovely, with breathtaking views of the valley below and the surrounding Eutok Samdrupcholing Goenpa Monastery. 

They offer a free consultation with one of their traditional Bhutanese medicine experts, who will design a specific well-being program for you, including food recommendations to balance your body, mind, and spirit. 

Traditional massages, herbal treatments, yoga, meditation, hot stone baths, and woodland bathing are all available to truly experience the Bhutanese way of life.

3. Como Uma, Punakha and Paro

Bhutan hotels
In Bhutan hotels are typically nestled inside the cypress trees

Como Uma operates two locations in Bhutan, offering a unique dual experience that reveals the many elements of the mysterious ‘Land of the Thunder Dragon.’ 

Nine luxury private villas, 20 bedrooms, and a Como Shambhala Retreat are facilities available at Como Uma Paro. 

The hotel restaurant, ‘Bukhari,’ is a royal favorite, with pared-back décor accentuated with work by local artists who have experience in designing other Bhutan Hotels in the country. 

The Como Uma Punakha is located in one of Bhutan’s most sacred valleys, about a five-hour journey from Paro, with 11 rooms that offer sweeping news of the valley of Punakha.

4. Rema Resort, Paro

Bhutan Hotels
Modern amenities combined with traditional Bhutanese architecture

Rema Resort, one of the most prestigious Bhutan hotels in Paro, is an excellent choice for a staycation in the country. 

The resort’s architecture is refined, and its hardwood interiors add to its visual appeal. 

Modern amenities combined with traditional Bhutanese architecture.

You will have the opportunity to wake up to mesmerizing vistas of mist-laden hills and the sound of birds chirping during your stay in these types of Bhutan hotels in the country. 

In addition, these types of Bhutan hotels offer modern amenities in every room. The resort has a restaurant where you can sample dishes from the local cuisine.

5. Bhutan Mandala Resort, Paro

Bhutan hotels
A retreat inside the woods, the exclusive Bhutan hotels of the country

Bhutan Mandala Resort has a lot of the things you’d expect from a Bhutanese retreat. It’s charming, serene, and, of course, offers spectacular views of the Paro valley. 

It brings together cultural traditions and modern amenities to give you the best of both worlds. 

Some of the amenities include warm wood-paneled rooms, free Wi-Fi, spa services, and a gift shop. This hotel is one of the exclusive Bhutan hotels located in the peaceful woods.

6. Kichu Resort Paro

Bhutan Hotels
Explore the beautiful landscape and experience hospitality like never before

Paro is the star of our list once again, and Kichu Resort captures it in all of its glory of showcasing Bhutan hotels. 

You’ll be compelled to get out and explore the beautiful countryside because it’s located in the middle of the valley, surrounded by farmsteads and temples. 

There are 45 rooms to choose from, a spa, and a multi-cuisine restaurant to relax and dine. 

The resort is located on the way to the Tiger Monastery and is an excellent place to stay and relax. You can experience the true Bhutan hotels’ hospitality in this property. 

7. Zhiwa Ling Ascent, Thimphu

Bhutan hotels
One of the first contemporary concept Bhutan hotels

Zhiwa Ling Ascent is one of the first Bhutan hotels to embrace contemporary concepts. It is set among tall cypress trees and was designed by an Austrian architect and built-in combination with Bhutanese and Austrian project planners. 

The hotel has a total of 20 rooms. The rooms are meant to be as energy-efficient as possible. All of the rooms have tranquil views of the valley and nature. 

The hotel’s innovative restaurant serves gourmet dining with flavors fresh from the hotel’s organic kitchen garden. 

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8. Taj Tashi, Thimphu

Bhutan Hotels
One of the scenic Bhutan hotels in the capital city

The beautiful Taj Tashi, located in the center of Bhutan’s capital city Thimphu, is the doorway to a wonderful journey overflowing with interesting legends. 

Taj Tashi enchantingly merges Dzong architecture and modern design and is embellished with classical hand-drawn Buddhist murals, loyal to Bhutan’s ancient and enticing ways. 

The rooms provide views of the mountains and town and are designed to reflect Bhutanese art and architecture. 

Two restaurants, a tea lounge, a bar, and a spa highlight a distinct facet of the Bhutan hotels theme for thriving Mahayana Buddhist culture.

9. Dhensa Boutique Resort, Punakha

Bhutan hotels
One of the best soul-refreshing Bhutan hotels

Dhensa Boutique Resort is located in the lush and scenic valley of Punakha. 

The Punakha River and hundreds of paddy fields that stair-step down to the valley are visible from the property, surrounded by thick pine forests. 

There are numerous walking and trekking paths surrounding the resort, so you can stroll around, take in nature’s beauty, and refresh your mind. 

The resort combines modern style with the historic and fascinating traditions of Bhutan. There are 24 suites spread among six cottages, each with its own private balcony. 

The sense of calm that rejuvenates one’s soul is everything about this Bhutan hotel’s specialty.

10. Gangtey Lodge (Gangtey)

Bhutan Hotels
Magnificent Bhutan hotels with exquisite design and hospitality

Gangtey Lodge provides every comfort and elegance a traveler would want to experience in this beautiful country. 

The lodge is set above the magnificent Gangtey (Phobjikha) Valley, hidden behind a cluster of farmhouses. 

Its remote location in the center of Bhutan and its exquisite design enable visitors to journey back in time, away from the worries and distractions of modern life and experience Bhutan hotels like never before. 

Gangtey Valley, the fourth of the five valleys that make up the Bhutan trip, is a protected refuge for black-necked cranes.

11. Amankora

Bhutan Hotels
Amankora, feel home away from home with Bhutan hotels

Amankora is a network of lodges in Bhutan’s central and western valleys. 

Amankora is derived from Sanskrit and Dzongkha (Bhutanese language), where Aman means calm, and kora means circular pilgrimage. 

Amankora’s lodge location has been chosen to allow guests to experience Bhutan hotels’ rich hospitality and spectacular landscape in luxury while traveling beneath the calm presence of rising Himalayan peaks. 

Each lodge is a retreat intended to complement its particularly gorgeous surroundings and is dedicated to offering an unrivaled experience of this pristine resort.

12. Six Senses Bhutan

Bhutan hotels
Enrich your senses and reconnect with these astonishing Bhutan hotels

Six Senses Bhutan runs five independent lodges in five different valleys in the beautiful Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan, all of which are operated under one umbrella name: Six Senses Bhutan. 

Each of these Bhutan hotels’ locations has been carefully planned to immerse visitors in the area’s culture thoroughly. 

The tranquil and comfortable lodges are designed in line with Bhutanese essence mixed with modern art. 

They reflect the uniqueness and unique character of each valley. 

The goal is to leave enriched and reconnected with everything from sunrise meditations, holistic spa treatments, personalized astrology readings, and butter lamp lighting ceremonies to fantastic walks and treks through the pristine woods.


After reading the post, we know you already know how gorgeous Bhutan is. 

Still, these magnificent Bhutan hotels, lodges, and retreats with breathtaking views make seeing the Land Of The Thunder Dragon even more exciting and fun. 

Bhutan is a great place to visit if you’re looking for a mind-rejuvenating vacation. 

If you plan to visit this magnificent country, book a tour with Norbu Bhutan Travel Pvt. Ltd. for a personalized vacation. 

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