Textile Tour in Bhutan Trip Cost
Bhutan Trip Cost
A Curated Itinerary and Bhutan Trip Cost for an Ethereal Textile Tour

The history of this land is woven into its textile. In Bhutan, the vibrant national art of weaving employs various intricate styles and techniques, that are a joy to witness for the layman. 

Visit Bhutan to meet local artisans and learn about the history of the isolated country where women weave and men stitch. 

For centuries, the knowledge and skills needed to make these textiles have been passed down through matriarchal lines. 

Bhutanese textiles serve as a cultural storehouse that has evolved over generations and plays an important role in religious, official, and social activities. 

Let’s look at the curated itinerary and Bhutan trip cost for an ethereal textile tour.

A Curated Itinerary for an Ethereal Textile Tour Included in the Bhutan Trip Cost

Day 1: Arrive at the Paro International Airport, Bhutan

Bhutan Trip Cost
Your Bhutan trip cost is typically included in your travel expenses

Take a few moments to admire the Himalayas, including a view of Bhutan’s snow-capped peaks, Jumohari and Jichu Drake, during the final leg of your journey to Paro. 

A guide from Norbu Bhutan Travels will greet you when you arrive and lead you to your lodgings. Take an evening stroll through the Paro market before spending the night in a Paro hotel.

Day 2: Explore the Paro Valley

Bhutan trip cost
A trip to Paro Valley makes Bhutan trip cost worth every Ngultrum

On your second day in Bhutan, you can stroll around the Paro valley with your guide to witness the country’s serene environment.

The Paro Valley stretches from Chuzom, where the Paro Chhu and Wang Chhu rivers meet, to Mt. Jomolhari, on the Tibetan border. 

The exquisite, traditional-style residences that dot the valley and neighboring hills add to the natural splendor. 

Day 3: Paro – Thimphu (50.4km, 1 hour 17 minutes)

Bhutan trip cost
A private driver, a car, and a licensed guide are all included in your Bhutan trip cost

We will provide a licensed guide with a professional driver and a luxury car that are already included in your Bhutan trip cost. 

They will drive you to Thimphu, the capital city, after breakfast on the third day. It is an hour’s journey by car, so you will arrive at Thimphu before noon. 

Then you can check into a hotel and tour the capital city for the rest of the day. 

Day 4: Thimphu – Punakha (75 km, 2 hours)

Bhutan trip cost
A trip to the Palace of great happiness and bliss is included in your Bhutan trip cost

Before driving to Punakha, we will visit the National Library, which houses a priceless collection of Buddhist texts, on your way to the Zorig Chusum Institute (Painting School). After that, visit Bhutan’s National Institute of Traditional Medicine, where famed traditional herbs are mixed and distributed.

Then, take a picturesque drive across Dochu-la Pass on your way to Punakha. This pass is photogenic, adorned with 108 stupas and prayer flags flapping on the slope. 

Then we will visit the Punakha Dzong, which was the old capital of Bhutan until 1955 and is encircled by Pho Chhu and Mo Chhu.

Day 5: Punakha – Wangduephodrang/ Gangtey/Phobjikha (70 km, 3 hours)

Bhutan Trip Cost
Bhutan trip cost also covers your trip to the valley of the Black-necked crane

After breakfast, you will be driven to Wangduephodrang and stop at the Dzong, positioned on a high mountain between Puna Tsang Chu and Dang Chhu with a spectacular view of the valley below. 

Then travel through the forest on a winding mountain path into the Phobjikha valley. The valley is a protected wetland where you can see Black Necked Cranes! 

You will explore the Phobjikha Valley and Gangtey Gompa (monastery), Bhutan’s only Nyingma monastery.

Day 6: Gangtey (Phobjikha) – Trongsa (120 km, 4.1/2 hours)

Bhutan trip cost
Bhutan trip cost also covers your trip to the balcony of Bhutan

Your journey from Gangtey to Trongsa will take you through various scenic locations. 

You will reach a Pelela pass, marking the western and central Bhutanese border. 

On your trip forward, you will pass via Rukubji and Sephu villages and the Chendebji Chorten, which has the same architectural design as Kathmandu’s iconic Bodhi Pagoda. 

Day 7: Trongsa – Bumthang (68 km, 3 hours)

Bhutan trip cost
Bhutan trip cost covers an exclusive trip to the holiest site in Bhutan

In the morning, take a tour to Trongsa Dzong, the country’s largest stronghold with a watch tower that represents the pinnacle of Bhutanese design before departing. After lunch, you will begin your travel to Bumthang, which is noted for its Buddhist sacred sites. 

You will pass through the Yotongla pass, into Chumey valley’s Zhungney settlement, and finally arrive at Bumthang. 

Day 8: Traverse the Bumthang Valley

Bhutan trip cost
Bhutan trip cost covers an exclusive glimpse into Bhutan’s hand-weaving culture

Bumthang is the heartland of the religious site in Bhutan, so there are hundreds of sites to see before you leave! 

Yathra Factory — Ladies weaving Yathra clothes are the region’s specialty in the Chumey village of Zhungney. In Chumig Gewog’s Nanger village, there are two Yathra industries. 

Brightly colored wool clothes with intricate designs are displayed outside the houses. The quality, designs, and colors are all different. Yak and sheep wool is used to create fabrics with unique designs.

Day 9: Bumthang – Mongar (168.5 km, 7 hrs 30 minutes) 

Bhutan trip cost
Get the most out of your Bhutan trip cost with a textile tour

The ethereal textile tour and your journey to Mongar are worth your Bhutan trip cost because most visitors never get the chance to see the unique lifestyle of Eastern Bhutan! 

You will have the opportunity to see Thrumshingla National Park and the spectacular view of Gangkhar Phuensum on a Bhutan textile tour. 

When you arrive at Mongar, your guide and driver will take you to visit the Mongar Dzong, one of Bhutan’s newest Dzongs. 

Day 10: Mongar – Lhuntse/Kurtoe (73.3 Km, 2 hrs 30 minutes)

Bhutan trip cost
The ethereal textile tour is worth your Bhutan trip cost

The journey to Lhuntse from Mongar will take you through breathtaking sceneries, with soaring cliffs dominating river gorges and deep evergreen forests. 

After two hours drive, you will reach Lhuntse which is the ancestral home of our Kings, and to various sacred pilgrimage sites around the country. 

Compared to other parts of Bhutan, eastern Bhutan is popular for brewing alcohol. 

Ara, Bhutan’s traditional alcoholic beverage, is typically manufactured at home from rice or maize, fermented or distilled. 

Day 11: Two Hours Trek to Khoma Village

Bhutan trip cost
Bhutan trip cost covers your excursion through alpine forests

It’s a beautiful excursion that takes you through pine forests on mild hills. Apart from the beautiful scenery, a distinctive woven textile from this village is well-known throughout the country. 

The women there weave a unique cloth locally known as the Kishuthara in a row of improvised textile cottages. 

This special textile is considered one of the most beautiful, expensive, and hard to weave!

Day 12: Lhuntse – Bumthang (226.9 km, 8 hours 51 minutes)

Bhutan trip cost
The textile tour is worth your Bhutan trip cost

Lhuntse is the final destination for your ethereal textile tour in Bhutan. You will trace back your route to Thimphu when you are done exploring the spectacular weaving tradition in Khoma village. 

The ethereal textile tour is worth your Bhutan trip cost because it not only introduces you to the age-old weaving tradition but also takes you to many places, including Eastern Bhutan. 

Day 13: Bumthang – Thimphu (268 km, 8 hours)

Bhutan trip cost
Bhutan trip cost covers all your pit stops at popular districts in Bhutan

Since you will have spent your time at Punakha, Trongsa, and Wangduephodrang, we will travel back straight to Thimphu! 

You will stop for lunch at one of Trongsa’s well-known eateries, and have a quick pit stop for local tea in Wangdue before continuing on the journey. In Thimphu, we will spend a night at the hotel.

Day 14: Thimphu – Paro

Bhutan trip cost
Hike to the Tiger’s Nest

We have the final treat for you at Paro! The most iconic landmark in Paro, the Taktsang monastery, awaits you! 

This magnificent temple was built on a sheer rock face above oak and rhododendron trees. 

Day 15: See Off at the Paro International Airport

Bhutan Trip Cost
See off at the airport

Finally, our representatives will drop you off at the airport to bid you farewell! 

Final Thoughts

You will have a fantastic time in Bhutan and see many destinations included in this curated itinerary and the Bhutan trip cost for the ethereal textile tour. 

Norbu Bhutan Travels will show you the textile and weaving tradition in the country throughout your journey. 

We will provide you with a professional guide, driver, and car, all included in your Bhutan trip cost.

So, all you have to do is book your ethereal textile trip with us at Norbu Bhutan Travels! 

While we plan everything for you to have a stress-free vacation with a fair amount of Bhutan trip cost, check out the top 10 places to visit in Bhutan so we can customize the itinerary for you beforehand! 


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