A display of a glorious structure in Bhutan

Construction of a building in
the traditional way

An architectural drawing of
a Bhutanese house

Other than the glorious landscapes, one of the immediate things you observe about Bhutan is its magnificent architecture. It has one of the most unique architecture, derived from our culture.

Influence of Cultural heritage on architecture

Since globalization, Bhutan has been following a list of guidelines for construction to retain its cultural heritage. The materials required in the process of construction includes earthen materials, wooden frames, stones, with no nails or iron bars. The buildings are built with wood frontals, curved windows, and slant roofs. Many traditional houses or structures feature phallic paintings and many vibrant colors as well. Of course there are some exceptions to these in today’s time. 

Common Design Principle

The challenge that most new architects face is how to best comprehend and continue constructing buildings and structures without imitating the cultural practices. Although every building, fortress, temple, and even bridges have their own identity, they still respond to each other in terms of their core principles.