The population of the country is small, constituting 779,496 and most citizens of the country are moving to urban areas. Unlike olden times, elderly people can be seen in town and it is a good opportunity for tourists to ask questions about history. They are the ones to experience it in person.  

There are many ethnicities, however, the major three are Lhotsam, Sharchop and Ngalop. Though each ethnicity differs from one another, yet people are united as one. They celebrate each other’s festivals and mingle together. It is a great opportunity for Tourists travelling to Bhutan to witness varieties of festivals celebrated in the country and be a part of it. 

As practitioners of Buddhism, people believe that hurting others is sinful. Bhutanese possess a friendly nature. They immediately rushed to help anyone, be it a fellow bhutanese or foreigners who lost their way. Their welcoming nature makes you feel comfortable and at peace.

Bhutanese are happy people, love singing and dancing, love playing archery, degor (stone throwing) , basketball and football. They are very sociable and like to see weddings, religious celebrations and other events as great opportunities to meet friends and people. Choosing Bhutan as your travel destination is the best decision. You wont regret, instead you would get an opportunity to learn about Bhutan and spend some quality time with bhutanese.