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Bhutan is a small Asian country tucked away in the majestic Himalayan range. Bhutanese are known for their rich culture and heritage, and the country prioritizes the happiness of its people over the Gross Domestic Product. 

Bhutan is a remote kingdom with monasteries, traditional architecture, beautiful valleys, snow-clad mountain views, and lush greenery.

Bhutan has a lot to offer in terms of lush natural forests, rich festivals, adventure, and spiritual monasteries, and it attracts visitors because of its rich heritage. 

Shopping in Bhutan has recently become popular as tourists collect valuable items and take a piece of Bhutan home.

Here is a list of 7 souvenirs to bring home and where to buy them during your Bhutan trip.

Explore and experience Bhutan the way the Bhutanese do. With Norbu Bhutan Travels, you can get in touch with Bhutan’s people, customs, and unexplored cultural traditions.

1. Traditional Textiles

Get Yethras On Your Bhutan Trip

Bhutan is well known worldwide for its textiles and has the loveliest collection of shawls and scarves. 

Bhutan offers a wide range of location-specific traditional textiles, most of which are made by hand from raw cotton and silk. 

In the villages of Rahi and Bidung, bura textiles are weaved. Similarly, Adang Village creates Adang Rachu, Mathra, and Khamar. 

Yethras, which are strips of woolen cloth dyed in natural colors and used to make carpets, blankets, jackets, and other items, are very popular traditional textiles.

You can dress up in traditional Kira or Gho during your trip to Bhutan or purchase a set to give to friends and family as souvenirs from your Bhutan trip.

Prices: A hand-woven high-quality traditional Kira will cost about USD 1,000 compared to a machine-made Kira, which costs about USD 100. 

Where to buy traditional textiles during your Bhutan trip

  • Norzim Lam Street: The main market of the city, it has shops on both sides and remains open until 9:00 PM. 
  • Athang Village in Wangdue: Adang Village is the source of the widely recognized Adang Rachu, Matra, and Khamar textiles.

2. Local Artwork

Get an Indigenous artwork on your Bhutan Trip

Bhutanese people regard Thangka, indigenous artwork, as sacred, and “Thangka” refers to rolled-up scroll paintings.

The paintings are created with various backdrop colors and are frequently block-printed or embroidered. 

They are silk appliques or drawings on fabric. They make a lovely souvenir to take home; you can purchase one from the School of Arts and Crafts in Bhutan’s major cities on your Bhutan Trip.

Prices: An authentic, high-quality Thangka costs USD 170 – 700, while an original handmade thangka will cost you USD 720.

Where to buy thangka on your Bhutan trip

  • Bhutan Art Gallery: Head to Bhutan Art Gallery immediately to buy original Thangka paintings and Buddhist paintings!
  • National Institute of Zorig Chusum: Located in the capital city of Thimphu, this institute is a painting school and teaches the art of thangkas. They have a retail outlet that sells paintings made by their students.

3. Local Handicrafts

Bhutanese Handicrafts As a Souvinier

Bhutanese craft include beautiful vases, wall hangings, statues, purses, and bamboo and paper goods. 

These handicrafts represent the cultural legacy of the Bhutanese culture. Handmade paper, also known as Desho paper, is popular among visitors and people in Bhutan.

The essence of Bhutan can be taken home with you by purchasing colorful notebooks, journals, or greeting cards. 

Note: Refrain from buying antique crafts because you cannot export antiques.

Where To buy local handicrafts on your Bhutan trip

  • National Handicraft Emporium: Excellent paper goods, including notebooks, wrapping paper, and diaries, are available at the Jungshi Handmade Paper Factory.  

4. Local Eateries

Get to taste exclusive Dishes on your Bhutan Trip

Fresh local products commonly used in their cuisine are one of the items you can purchase from Bhutan.

Items like chili powder, tea leaves, noodles, and rice are top-rated among foodies. You can also buy local Bhutanese snacks and take them home with you on your Bhutan trip.

Where to buy local eateries on your Bhutan trip

  • Centenary Farmers Market is the largest farmer’s market in Thimphu and is close to the Wangchu River. 
  • Yoser Lhamo Shop: Lhamo shop is the exclusive outlet of the Swiss Farms enterprise. It’s located in Jarkar and serves beer and delicious Gouda and Emmental cheese for BTN 600 per kg.

5. Unique Postal Stamps

Get Yourself Unique stamps on your Bhutan Trip

Bhutan is known as Philatelist’s Paradise, the dream destination for a person who collects postage stamps worldwide. 

Bhutan’s Post Office is renowned for creating stamps in unique styles and vibrant colors. The first-ever stamp released was in 1962, with 7 stamps with images of yak and archery. 

Price: You can still purchase this set for BTN 100. 

You can also get personalized picture postcards and send them to your family or keep them with you as a prized souvenir. 

Where to buy unique postal stamps on your Bhutan trip

  • Thimphu Post Office: It has an exemplary collection of stamps with a facility for personalized stamps.

6. Buddhist Sculptures

Magnificent Buddha sculptures As Souvineier

Bhutanese take pride in their heritage as Buddhists and their culture and practice Buddhism as a way of life. 

There are numerous magnificent Buddha sculptures in old monasteries. Purchasing a gorgeous Buddha sculpture for your spiritual well-being is a must when shopping in Bhutan. 

Most traditional shops sell these figures, which are made primarily of clay. A classic Buddhist painting produced with mineral paints called Ihazo is also available as a souvenir on your Bhutan Trip.

Where to buy Bhutanese sculptures on your Bhutan trip

  • Authentic Bhutanese Crafts: In Thimphu, you’ll find a range of products at this crafts bazaar and unique Budhha statues and sculptures at great prices.
  • Norzim Lam Street is the center for shopping in Bhutan and one of the best places to buy statues and sculptures.

7. Exquisite Jewelry

Exquisite Himalayan Beads

Are Himalayan beads a source of fascination for you? Find the most exquisite products during your trip to Bhutan. 

Bhutan is well-known for its Himalayan beads, Dzi Beads, and gold and silver jewelry. 

These beads are said to bring happiness because it is thought that God created them to battle evil.

Prices: The antique Dzi beads, among the world’s oldest jewelry pieces, cost about USD 20,000. Dzi beads can create necklaces, amulets, and earrings and are available in various sizes and colors. 

Where to buy exquisite jewelry on your Bhutan trip

  • Sorji Jewelry Gift Shop: Sorji is the town’s most well-known jewelry shop, where you’ll find some real jewelry. Due to its high-quality standard, rates are high and bargaining negligible.

While planning a vacation to Bhutan, don’t forget to carry an extra bag, so you can return with bags full of souvenirs and Bhutanese products. 

It’s time for your inner shopaholic to come out and have some fun in the land of happiness!

Before planning your Bhutan trip, keep up to date on the latest travel information with us. So, what’s stopping you? Contact Norbu Bhutan Travels for one-stop-shop tourism!


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