Bhutan unveils a new national brand: ‘Belief!’

Bhutan reopened its borders to the world on September 23, 2022, and welcomed international travelers back to the Kingdom with a new national brand, “ Bhutan Believe.”

The new tourism tagline ‘Bhutan Believe’ captures this steadfast focus on the future and the guests’ transformative journeys on their trip to Bhutan. 

Bhutan unveiled a new tourism strategy supported by changes in three crucial areas: improved sustainable development policies, infrastructure, and guest experiences.

Let’s learn more about Bhutan’s new brand, ‘Belief’ with Norbu Bhutan Travels and the tourism strategy that will change Bhutan’s future.

Why Replace the Old Brand?

High-value, Low volume

Bhutan believes that the approach to tourism needs to change as very few foreigners have experienced Bhutan’s extraordinary natural beauty and unique culture.

To protect and preserve its peace, holy sites, and wilderness, this tiny country has long engaged in the practice of “high value, low volume” tourism. 

However, Bhutan believes in change and strongly believes it can offer more. This resulted in the new tourism tagline “ Bhutan Believe.”

What Does The New Tourism Tagline “Bhutan Believe’ Mean?

Nation Building

Bhutan’s new tourism brand ‘Believe’ is not just about nation branding but about “Nation Building.” The introduction of the new tourism brand aims to connect Bhutan and the stories it wants to tell with a global audience, going beyond simply developing a new identity.

The kingdom of Bhutan is undergoing a broad transition, ranging from changes in the civil service to financial and educational reforms. The modifications are intended to pave new roads and create long-term opportunities for future generations. 

The new brand ‘Believe’ is inspired by careful consideration and in-depth research. An international group of branding specialists took part in the process. 

During their month-long immersion in Bhutanese culture, they visited landmarks, spoke with tourists, identified challenges and opportunities, and held discovery sessions.

As the team explored the guiding principles for the rebranding, they realized that they were rebranding the entire country, not just their image as a tourist destination.

Now, they intend to rope in Bhutanese from every walk of life to live up to the spirit of the new brand. They hope to inspire all Bhutanese to believe that Bhutan can change and grow.

What Inspired Bhutan to Rebrand Its Tourism Sector?

Inspire Bhutanese

The idea behind rebranding Bhutan is to promote it as an exclusive sustainable tourist destination in alignment with its original tourism policy of “High Value, Low Volume.”

Bhutan rebranded its travel and tourism sector with the help of three new strategies: 

1. Enhancement of its sustainable development policies

2. Infrastructure upgrades

3. Elevation of the guest experience

Bhutan welcomes conscious and sustainable travelers who want to contribute to Bhutan’s transformation with increased Sustainable Development Fees (SDF) from 65 USD to 200 USD. 

Tourists are more than willing to pay for a truly sustainable travel destination, as evidenced by the 737 visitors who arrived in the nation from September 23–30, 2022, despite the increased SDF fees. 

A significant portion of this transformation aims to enhance the visitor experience while raising money to facilitate Bhutan’s development on all fronts—economic, social, environmental, and cultural.

Where Does The New Branding Leave Bhutan?

Tourism is changing on a global scale

Travelers and tourism are changing on a global scale thanks to climate change and the Covid-19 pandemic. More and more conscious travelers are looking for meaningful travel destinations that go beyond beaches and five-star hotels with a lower carbon footprint.

Bhutan reexamined its relationship with tourism and created new plans and policies for its development, focusing on how it can invest in providing long-term opportunities for its youth.

As it reopened its borders to embrace visitors once more, one of the notable changes is the increase in the Sustainable Development Fee (SDF), a daily contribution made by visitors towards Bhutan’s development. 

A variety of social, environmental, and cultural projects, as well as Bhutan’s larger aspirations, will benefit greatly from the funds raised by the SDF. 

Bhutan’s Brand and new campaign are based on these plans and initiatives. It calls to action to believe in the nation’s potential, values, global impact, obligations, and future.

Bhutan is changing. Tourism is only one component. Bhutan believes in transforming for a better future for Bhutanese and the rest of the world.

The changes are intended to increase the population’s proficiency in skills, knowledge, and experiences, which will help develop Bhutan’s human capital. Bhutan has always been steeped in history, safeguarding its heritage while forging new paths for future generations.

You can explore a new world of studying in this mysterious country with Norbu Bhutan Travels. Bhutan will always leave you in awe of its stunning natural surroundings and rich cultural heritage.

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