Bhutan Open For Tourist, High Value, Low Volume Tourism
Bhutan Open For Tourist, High Value, Low Volume Tourism
High-Value, Low Volume Tourism establishment in 1974.

Bhutan announced that its borders will reopen to international visitors on September 23, 2022, with a greater emphasis on the tourism sector’s sustainability. The rebranding aims to make Bhutan a more sustainable travel destination, in line with the country’s Bhutan Open For Tourist, High Value, Low Volume Tourism.

The “high-value, low volume tourism” policy has been in place since 1974 to promote Bhutan’s rich culture while keeping carbon footprints low.

This policy aims to enhance the rebrand of Bhutan as one of the world’s most exclusive vacation destinations and provide high-value experiences for visitors while providing well-paying and professional jobs for people in the tourism sector.

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Here’s everything you need to know about Bhutan’s unique “high value, low volume tourism” policy, which is key to making the country a sustainable travel destination.

What exactly is High Value?

Bhutan Open For Tourist, High Value, Low Volume Tourism
High value includes substantial revenue and profits!

The high value of “high-value, low volume tourism” includes substantial revenue and profits by the host country and exclusive intangible experience by the tourist.

In essence, Bhutan’s tourism models with a high value (designed to attract the highest spending visitors possible). Targeting mindful and responsible tourists; providing good value for money experiences; assuring high revenue and profit per capita tourists.

By choosing to market to travelers who share Bhutan’s values, we will attract visitors with attitudes and intentions that will rebuild tourism to be sustainable, resilient, and thriving.

What exactly is Low Volume?

Bhutan Open For Tourist, High Value, Low Volume Tourism
Low volume is connected with less is more!


The low volume from the “High-Value, Low Volume Tourism” policy is connected with “less is more,” yet it does not necessarily limit the number of people. Bhutan’s low-volume tourism refers to sustainable travel and leisure activities that benefit local communities and are respectful of wildlife, local people, and Bhutanese cultures while leaving a low carbon footprint.

Travel allows for cultural interaction and provides travelers with an authentic Bhutanese experience.

We take this a step further by providing travelers all over the world to stay in the homes of locals and learn about their lives firsthand.

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Why is Bhutan introducing new High-Value, Low Volume Tourism?

Bhutan Open For Tourist, High Value, Low Volume Tourism
High-Value, Low Volume Tourism in Bhutan!

Bhutan has remained a carbon-negative and intriguing destination for travelers, with a level of mystery that has provided a cachet of curiosity. 

However, the unsettling and transformative times brought on by human conflict, climate change, and other factors, including the Covid-19  pandemic, are forcing countries worldwide to rethink and revise travel procedures.

Bhutan must return to its founding principle of the “High-Value, Low Volume Tourism” policy to retain its title as the world’s only carbon-negative country.

Right now, Bhutan must manage the quality of the travel experience so that both visitors and hosts benefit to the greatest extent possible, a feat the Bhutanese government hopes to achieve with the revised SDF.

Has Bhutan Achieved High Value?

Bhutan is undoubtedly on its way to achieving high value. It is the world’s only carbon-negative country and is consistently ranked as one of the top green sustainable tourist destinations.

The goal of the SDF pricing revision, along with Bhutan’s “High-Value, Low Volume Tourism” policy, is to reinvest in the SDF to improve the overall standard of the tourism industry, including guides, hotels, meals, and other services.

It encourages and ensures that visitors have the luxury of choosing which accommodation they want while exploring Bhutan.

Previously, tourists had to opt for tour operator-provided packages. A tourist can only book a guide and driver under the new policy if they need them.

Has Bhutan achieved low volume?

Bhutan hopes to achieve low volume by implementing revised SDF fees and revamped tourism policy. 

It also ensures that the number of visitors visiting Bhutan fits the carrying capacity of our natural resources, socio-cultural values, and infrastructure.

What to expect with High-End Tourism in Bhutan?

Bhutan Open For Tourist, High Value, Low Volume Tourism
Explore through the pristine forests once Bhutan open for tourists!

Bhutan aims for quiet treks through pristine forests and not being swamped by the masses. For most people, high-end tourism means wealthy visitors who stay in expensive luxury hotels.

When Bhutan introduced the concept of ‘ High-Value, Low Volume Tourism,’ it was not about luxury hotels, fancy restaurants, or pothole-free roads. Nor it had the intention to target wealthy travelers.

But to give the guest the feel of Bhutan- the uncontrived, authentic, and genuine Bhutan experience.

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How is Bhutan’s High-Value, Low Volume Tourism policy compared to other countries?

Bhutan Open For Tourist, High Value, Low Volume Tourism
High-Value, Low Volume Tourism A new strategy!

Bhutan tourism’s identity and strength are its uniqueness and exclusivity!

Bhutan’s policy, supported by the “High-Value, Low Volume Tourism” policy, is one of the most notable because of its pragmatic approach to ensuring sustainability.

Many destinations and travel thought leaders recognize and support Bhutan’s innovative tourist pricing scheme of MDPR and SDF as the post-Covid-19 tourism era.

The search for a sustainable tourism approach appears to have begun long before Covid-19. Destinations worldwide are looking for a new tourist strategy similar to Bhutan’s unique High-Value, Low Volume Tourism policy to address and prevent the adverse effect of mass tourism. 

Is Bhutan an expensive tourist destination?

Bhutan Open For Tourist, High Value, Low Volume Tourism
High-Value, Low Volume Tourism

Yes, Bhutan is an expensive travel destination, significantly more costly than some other destinations we offer. Still, the extra cost is worth the reward of relatively exclusive access to one of the world’s most beautiful destinations if you can afford it. 

We believe you can have the best of both worlds: a comfortable, even luxurious vacation that still reveals the fabric of Bhutan that is endlessly fascinating, spiritual, beautiful, and wonderfully quirky.

The Kingdom of Bhutan has fascinating undiscovered sights that tourists often miss. Thanks to Bhutan’s unique “High-Value, Low Volume Tourism” policy, your journey to Bhutan will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

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