Are you a winter lover and are planning a trip to Bhutan during the season?

Bhutan is a small landlocked country that experiences a series of physical and climatic transformations. If you visit Bhutan in the winter, you will certainly fall in love with the country and the weather. The southern part of the country gets mild winters at the same time the northern half is coated in a thick layer of snow.

In addition to spectacular views of the snow-capped Himalayan peaks, winter brings a flurry of festivities around the country. Experiencing the humble lives of local people by staying in popular Bhutan homestays is one of the many reasons why people love visiting Bhutan.

If you are looking for best time to visit Bhutan in January, and wish to experience the charm of Bhutan for yourself then the best way is to choose a  Bhutan homestay for your vacation. Bhutan offers some of the best homestay experiences around the globe. 

Let’s take a look at 5 of the most popular places for homestays in Bhutan.

Winter in Thimphu: The Sinking Valley

 Winter in Thimphu
Winter in Thimphu

Winter in Thimphu is chilly, with temperatures as low as zero in the mornings and evenings. Afternoons are milder and more comfortable, providing the only opportunity to see the Himalayas. One can admire some of the world’s largest mountain peaks with the weather remaining dry and sunny for the majority of the day. 

Many photographers like to capture the Himalayas in the winter because the weather is cleaner and brighter. 

For a bird’s eye view of the Himalayan range’s stunning, high snow-capped peaks, drive up to Dochula, a 17-km excursion from Thimphu. The Royal Botanical Park, which is only a few kilometers from Dochula, is a great place to go bird watching or simply relax in nature.

Climbing to Kuenselphodrang, which sits atop a hill and overlooks the Thimphu valley is a must in the winter to witness Thimphu’s snow-covered grandeur with the world’s largest statue of Lord Buddha.

The capital city also houses many museums and cultural attractions and is the country’s only real dining and nightlife scene. 

1. Damchoe’s Homestay, Thimphu

Damchoe’s homestay in winter 
Damchoe’s homestay in winter 

This Thimphu homestay, owned by Aum Damchoe, provides guests with authentic Bhutanese cuisine and pleasant lodging. This guesthouse is one of the best among Bhutan’s homestays because of its warm ambiance and the best part is that Aum speaks English so it will be easier for tourists to converse with her and learn about Bhutanese culture. 

So, if you’re looking for the ideal blend of modern and old Bhutan, this homestay is for you.

Winter in Haa Valley: Hidden-Land of Rice

Haa Valley in winter
Haa Valley

Although it is one of Bhutan’s less-visited tourist attractions, Haa Valley has grabbed the hearts of those who value natural beauty in a calm atmosphere. Haa Valleyis surrounded by a lovely woodland zone and has clean air.It has become a hiking and trekking paradise for visitors visiting Bhutan.

Haa Valley has its own charms, with a variety of activities available to visitors throughout the winter season. Trekking through the dense snow-capped forest, bird watching, learning about the influence of animalistic rituals performed, and obtaining a glimpse into Bhutanese people’s indigenous culture are all possibilities in Haa Valley.

2. Haa Valley Homestays

Haa Valley Homestay
Haa Valley Homestay

This homestay is one of the Bhutan beautiful places that is located in the Haa district, known for farming wheat, barley, apples, potatoes, and chilies. If you want to visit one of the least visited locations in the country, with the feel of a virgin forest then it is the ideal destination to stay for your next vacation in Bhutan. 

This homestay consists of old residences owned by locals who believe in delivering the best hospitality to those seeking a home away from home in Bhutan.

Winter in Paro: The Fortress of the Victorious Bhutanese

Tiger’s nest in winter 
Tiger’s nest in Tiger’s nest in winter 

Paro valley is one of the kingdom’s largest valleys, with fertile rice fields and a magnificent, crystalline river running through it.  A trip to Paro in the winter is a fantastic idea, as the winter climate in Paro is mild, with temperatures rarely falling below 5 degrees even at night.

The Taktsang Lhakhang or Tiger’s Nest Monastery, the Chele La pass, Rinpung Dzong, the National Museum, and the Druk Choeding Temple are all major tourist destinations in Paro, and visiting them during the winter months means less tourists.

The Taktsang Lhakhang or Tiger’s Nest Monastery, the Chele La pass, Rinpung Dzong, the National Museum, and the Druk Choeding Temple are among the many tourist attractions in Paro. If you prefer less crowds, winter is the best season to see these sights.

3. Aum Om Homestay

Aum Om Homestay
Aum Om Homestay

Aum Om Homestay in Paro is best hotel option for travelers looking for economical homestays. This Bhutanese country homestay offers guests a comfortable lodging and a delectable cuisine. The accommodations are immaculate, and the staff is nice and welcoming. 

4. Authentic Bhutanese Homestay

Authentic Bhutanese Homestay, located in Paro, makes it a priority for their visitors not to feel homesick. Therefore, they give amenities such as a la carte breakfast, vehicle rental services, traditional meals, and more. Among all the homestays in Bhutan, they are the only ones who provide bicycle rentals. 

Winter in Punakha: The Old Capital of Dragon Kingdom

The palace of great happiness Punakha Dzong
The palace of great happiness Punakha Dzong

Take in the serene beauty of the Punakha river, stay in wonderful resorts, and meander among rice fields in the old capital of the Dragon Land. Make memories that will last a lifetime in the middle of nature’s beauty. 

Take in the relaxing beauty of the Punakha river, stay in wonderful resorts, and meander through rice fields in the old capital of the Dragon Land to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Punakha is the largest rice producer in the world. Punakha is great for adventurers, with options to go trekking, travel short distances, and stroll across Suspension Bridge and Punakha Dzong.

5. Chimi Lhakhang Village Homestay

Chimi Lhakhang Homestay
Chimi Lhakhang Homestay

This homestay is located in Punakha and is reasonably priced. There is a TV, a communal bathroom, and a kitchen in the homestay. The personnel are friendly, and the atmosphere is warm. Here, guests may enjoy an Asian-style breakfast as well as excellent coffee. Some units have access to a terrace, while all have stunning mountain views.

So, there you have it. The top 5 must-experience Bhutan homestays during your trip to Bhutan in winter. 

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