8 tips to make your visit to Bhutan enjoyable 

Vacation is a time to unwind and enjoy an itinerary packed with good times. Still, it can become challenging with little kids in Bhutan because of the country’s mountainous landscape. 

Nestled in the Himalayas, Bhutan is a popular tourist destination for families and solo travelers because of Bhutan’s unique customs and traditions that are still being practiced. 

Below are 8 tips that will make your vacation to Bhutan with little ones fun, stress-free, and enjoyable!

1. Choose Your Sightseeing Spots Wisely

Dochula pass for kids
Dochula pass for kids

Traveling with little kids can become a nightmare if you don’t choose your sightseeing spots wisely. Places like museums, yoga retreats, hiking, and visiting monasteries’ where you have to be quiet are not for little kids. 

Plan properly and let your travel agent know Bhutan travel guidelines about any special requirements so they can arrange everything in advance for you and your family. 

2. Travel During Off-Season 

Tourist season isn’t packed like other countries, but when you are traveling with little kids, it’s better to travel during the offseason. There will be few crowds, and the travel fee will be less. 

Benefits of traveling during the off-season include having the hotel to yourselves, private and quiet dining experiences, and more. 

3. Travel With Medicines And Vaccinate Everyone 

Falling sick is one of the quickest ways to ruin a day of travel or even a whole trip. It’s even worse if the entire family becomes ill. Whether your little kids get a stomach upset from the journey or discover new allergies, you need to be ready with proper medications. It is better to carry a few medications that you or your kids might need during your vacation. 

With daily Covid-19 cases worldwide, you and your little ones must be fully vaccinated before traveling. Most countries require a vaccination card before even entering the country.

If you or your little kids take prescription medications, then make sure you bring them with you, and don’t forget to carry a doctor’s prescription so you can show it during luggage examination. 

Tip: Check restrictions ahead of time to be sure you’ll be able to bring your medications into the country without having to fill out any additional paperwork or get special authorization.

4. Don’t Over-Pack

This rule applies to before boarding and while sightseeing. If you have toddlers, then carry enough clothes. It won’t be easy to enjoy your holiday while carrying your little one and a bag full of extra clothes. 

Norbu Bhutan’s team of experienced guides can help you out with a light backpack. 

5. Arrange A Car Seat 

Arrange a car seat with Norbu Bhutan before you start your Bhutan vacation. Norbu Bhutan’s team of skilled employees will get everything ready. 

6. Travel Entertainment For Kids 

It is important to keep kids occupied when you travel with them. Travel entertainment such as electronics, books, and toys can significantly differentiate between a terrific trip and a miserable one. 

Allowing children to use personal electronics during downtimes is one approach to keep them amused when traveling. Electronics are appropriate to use on flights, vehicle rides, and long queues. 

Small toys and books are ideal for taking with you on a trip with your children. New toys that they haven’t seen before or books that they haven’t read will pique their interest even more. 

If you’re traveling on a long journey, consider purchasing tiny keepsakes at each stop. Your children will receive new toys and other goodies that they will enjoy and look forward to for the remainder of the trip.

7. Choose The Right Accommodation For Your Family 

Squeezing four people into a hotel room, especially if your children aren’t good sleepers, isn’t a great idea of an enjoyable “holiday.” The chances of getting both kids to sleep without spectacular breakdowns are almost nil, especially with two children. 

Choose a room with a separate area for little kids so you get proper sleep while keeping your little kids under your watch. You can also use a divider if the room you are staying in is big enough. 

Hotels with balconies are perfect because this way, your little kids won’t feel locked within four walls. 

8. Explain The Trips To Your Little Ones 

For first-time travelers, it’s especially vital to introduce youngsters to the trip ahead of time. Children are unhappy when they are uncomfortable. Kids become agitated when there are too many new things going on.

Going over the itinerary and what will happen will assist children in comprehending their position at each stage of the journey. They’ll know what to anticipate next, and consequently, they’ll feel more at ease in their surroundings.

Explaining what to expect at the airport, on the plane, and when they arrive at your place can all be part of explaining the trip. Use this time to review your expectations for their behavior on the trip. Specify how they should conduct themselves on airlines, hotels, and excursions, and reward them for good behaviors. 

Bottom Line

These eight tips will make your trip to Bhutan fun, and both you and your little kids will enjoy their vacation away from daily routines. Book your next vacation to Bhutan with Norbu Bhutan and have a magical time.

Norbu Bhutan has experience in booking and accompanying both group/ family travelers and solo travelers and will look after your every need. 

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