Plan the stress free vacation

Planning a vacation is the most stressful part of the trip. You need a lot of time and headspace unless you are one of the lucky folks who can fit hours of research into your work schedule. Otherwise, that devotion can be difficult to come by. 

It might seem easy to book a hotel of your choice, but without proper planning, small details can make or break your vacation, especially if you are tight on budget. Everything needs to be planned, from hotels in the right location to transportations and sightseeing to avoid the logistical nightmare. 

So, get your planning cap on because with these planning tips mentioned below, you will be able to enjoy Bhutan beautiful places and just about anywhere in the world!

Tip 1: Sort Your Passport, Visa, & Insurance 

Sort your passport, visa, and insurance
Sort your passport, visa, and insurance

If you miss this first step, then your entire vacation will hang in the balance. Begin by checking your passport validity, as some destinations require you to have a certain validity. You will need a visa to enter a country and visit various cities, depending on your citizenship and where you plan your holiday.

Insurance is essential and a requirement for most countries because you never know what could happen during your vacation. Nothing is depressing than getting sick while you are away, so cover your medical needs in advance. If you are on medication, then arrange everything, so you have enough to last your entire holiday. 

Check with the country’s embassy if you need certain vaccinations, especially the Covid vaccine certificate, to enter the country. 

Tip: Make copies of your passport, visa, and insurance and keep the original documents with you at all times. 

Tip 2: Set Your Budget: It’s All About Money 

Set your budget
Set your budget

People often plan the vacation first and budget afterward; this method is very ineffective and leads you to go over budget. Once your passport, visa, and insurance are sorted, work on your budget.

Setting your budget helps you stay focused and make informed decisions. Include the airfare, food and accommodation charges, inter-city travel budget, and set aside a sum for unexpected expenses. Make sure you include departure taxes and withdrawal fees. 

Tip 3: Plan Your Activities Ahead Of Time

Whether you want to zip-line in the rainforest, visit sacred monasteries in Bhutan, or dive & explore The Great Barrier Reef, it is vital to plan your activities ahead of time. Do a bit of research on the activities because some activities are operated at certain times.

If you are planning a magical trips to Bhutan tours, get in touch with the best tour operator, let them know about your bucket list, and they will plan everything for you!

Tip 4: Research Properly Before You Book

Do thorough research before booking a hotel. There are hundreds of beautiful hotels, but if you have to splurge on transportation every day, that will strain your budget. Get a street view of the hotels and estimate the distance from there to your sightseeing spots, restaurants, and bars. 

Tip 5: Pack Light

Once you have booked your hotel, sorted your travel documents, flights, and activities, it’s time to pack. The key to enjoying a stress-free vacation is by packing as light as possible. Take clothes that you need and essentials. 

Put your passport and important documents in your hand luggage and pack bulky items in your suitcase. Pack according to your destination and what you need to wear during your stress-free vacation to Bhutan.

Pack light
Pack light

Tip 6: Leave Valuable Items At Home 

Expensive watches, valuable rings, bracelets, and other accessories can only add to your travel woes. Some even go the extra mile and leave their wedding rings at home. This also avoids insurance concerns that might arise. 

Tip 7: Plan The Ultimate Carry-On

Plan the ultimate carry-on
Plan the ultimate carry-on

Long-haul trips can be stressful, but they can be made a lot easier if you pack your carry-on luggage carefully. An eye mask and relaxing podcasts should be included in the ideal carry-on, as well as hydrating spray and other necessities in a clear Ziploc bag.

Tip 8: Organize Your Cash And Cards

Organizing your cash and cards is crucial. It’s a good idea to keep local currency on hand at all times. Exchange a small amount at the airport and get the rest from foreign currency exchange counters or local banks because you won’t get a good deal from the airport. 

Take your spare credit card, so you have a safety net while you are on holiday. 

Tip 9: Switch To A Local SIM

Purchase a local SIM to use your phone while you are overseas without being bound to Wi-Fi. You can pick up a local SIM from the airport; do some research beforehand to see which the best network is. As mentioned earlier, planning a vacation is the most stressful part of the trip, but with these nine amazing tips, you will be able to plan the perfect stress-free vacation. 

Get in touch to plan and book your Bhutan vacation packages, and they will handle the rest for you!

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