Must-see Nightlife in Bhutan

Bhutan is more than just history and monuments. Thimphu, Bhutan’s thriving capital, exemplifies what Bhutan offers with its unique blend of tradition and modernity.

Aside from being home to many attractions, tourists can visit during the day; this city also offers vibrant nightlife!

So, the city has got you covered whether you’re planning to dance the night away or chill out with good friends and better drinks. 

Each neighborhood has a handful of bars and nightclubs, so you’re never far from a drink—but which ones are worth a stop in your bar-hopping adventures?

Here is a list of some of the best places in Thimphu to spend time with friends till the wee hours of the morning.

Explore the limits of your Bhutanese experience with a night spent dancing with friends and family in some of the best nightclubs in this little corner of the Himalayas with Norbu Bhutan Travel.

1. Naughty Pigs

Naughty Pigs

Thimphu’s hottest bar, Naughty Pigs, is located right in the heart of the city. This bar serves everything from delicate margaritas to robust, old-fashioned cocktails, and the laid-back atmosphere is exciting and fun.

Once you enter, you’ll be treated to outstanding service and meticulously crafted cocktails while seated at low-key wooden block tables.

The bartenders will listen to your preferences before crafting the perfect custom cocktail from their stock of premium spirits and house-made mixers.

Naughty Pigs also serves some of Thimphu’s best cuisine; be sure to try it.

Location: Thai Temple Hong Kong market, Thimphu

2. Mojo Park

Restaurants with live music

Conveniently located in the middle of Thimphu City, step into Mojo Park to taste the nightlife in Bhutan

This low-ceilinged bar also has live music by local bands that draw the younger crowds who enjoy blues, rock, and reggae music.

The vibe is great, the seating is comfortable, and there’s a fire pit out front for those who prefer to relax outside.

It is a great location for gatherings and parties, and they accept reservations and walk-ins. 

They host a blues jam on Mondays, featuring acoustic acts on Wednesdays, and solo shows on Thursdays.

Location: Chang Lam SE, Thimphu

3. Blackout Rooftop

Bhutan Nightlife at Rooftop

Thimphu city’s newest main attraction is the rooftop bar, Blackout. Their rooftop terrace has a cocktail bar and is a total hot spot. Many people go here to have a drink or grab a bite while enjoying the gorgeous view of the city.

The rooftop bar offers the best-aged spirits in the area and the best cocktails, making it a hotspot for people in their 20s.

With the indoor ambiance being stylish and classy, they also have a terrace that offers an incredible view and a fun atmosphere for a party! In addition, you can select the best-tasting meals from a variety of options. 

Location: Gepkha Lam 1, Thimphu

4. Barz Brother

Barz Brother restaurants with live music.

Want to enjoy Thimphu’s nightlife on your Bhutan trip as you sing along to songs with your friends? Try Barz Brother!

Barz Brother is renowned for its atmosphere and ambiance. The walls are decorated with amazing rock art, and the sound system fills the space with classic rock music. 

Barz is known as Bhutan’s Hard Rock Café due to its cozy and peaceful ambiance. 

At the end of a tiring day, you only need a beautiful outdoor setting with your friends and a cold beer.

Location: Changlam Square, Thimphu

5. Space 34 Themed Party

Space 34 Themed Party

Bhutan Nightlife- Space 34 is located in the heart of Thimphu, the country’s dancing capital. 

Popular pop and EDM beats from the US, Korea, and Bhutan are played throughout the evening as the excited crowds enter the venue dressed in their best party attire!

Along with themed parties and events, live bands and dance performances occasionally take place as well.

Numerous people attend in large numbers to socialize and dance as they offer highly flexible hours and themed parties.

Location: Chang Lam, Main Town, Thimphu

6. Viva City

Viva City Discotheque

You can’t miss Viva City in the center of Thimphu town if you want to spend your evening bar hopping and dancing beneath the neon lights. 

If you are not so much for dancing, you can chill outside, in the airy atmosphere in front of the BonFire. 

The open area for relaxing is beautifully set, along with the best of the drink & food. Or you can always visit the adjacent room to the Viva City discotheque, where local artists and bands play world-class music.

Location: Sheten Lam, Thimphu, Bhutan

7. Club Ace


If you want to experience Bhutan nightlife, this is the place to go as it is pumped with electronic music and lively crowds. 

It is one of the best ways to enjoy the music and taste the city’s local life. The club is well-known for its décor and lighting, particularly its mirrored dance floor. 

This location draws travelers because of its hip vibe and reverberates with exuberant energy. 

Even though popular music is played all night long, this place has a distinct Bhutanese vibe. 

Location: Main Town Thimphu, Bhutan

Thimphu is one of the most happening places in Bhutan, making it a hotspot for tourists and locals to enjoy the nightlife in Bhutan.

Nightlife in Bhutan is not to be confused with one you experience in jarring nightclubs elsewhere. Just as peaceful as Bhutan is, the evenings in Thimphu are also meaningful and fulfilling.

All these places offer a great variety of food and drinks on their menu. You can sample everything Bhutan has to offer, from locally brewed alcoholic beverages to popular cuisines.

If you want the best nightlife experience during your tour of Thimphu, don’t miss out on Bhutan’s nightlife.

Before planning your Bhutan trip, keep up to date on the latest travel information with us.

Make sure to include Thimphu’s nightlife in your trip to Bhutan. So, what’s stopping you? Contact Norbu Bhutan Travels for one-stop-shop tourism!


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