Camping in Thimphu
Camping in Thimphu
Camping in Thimphu will connect you with the nature

As we all know, camping consists of adventure and fun and allows us to connect with our loved ones and nature. But that’s only the basics. 

Did you know that spending a night in a tent under the stars has many health benefits? 

These advantages, which range from favorable effects on physical and mental health to those wanting to connect with nature, ensure that there are even more reasons to go camping in Thimphu.

The urge to get outside is the starting point for planning a camping vacation. 

Once you’ve set your mind on going for a camping trip, all you have to do is pick a date, research a destination, pack your camping gear, book your trip with Norbu Bhutan Travel Pvt. Ltd., and you are set to go. 

Doesn’t it sound so simple and easy? Well, that is because it is, and it will become simpler as each trip to Thimphu’s diverse locations becomes more mesmerizing than the last.

Camping with your friends and family can be a nourishing and connecting experience. 

We’ve listed five interesting places to go camping in Thimphu next time you visit Bhutan and what you should know while camping for a safe, pleasant, and exciting experience with Bhutan’s Mother Nature.

1. Pumola Camping in Thimphu

Camping in Thimphu
View along the way to Pumola camping in Thimphu

Down below Phajoding Monastery, the Pumola track follows the river towards the Pomola camping in Thimphu

It passes through a blue pine forest with a diverse plant and animal life range, including the renowned rhododendron. You’ll pass through many grazing fields on this yak herding path. 

The advantage is that there will be lots of grasslands for you to set up camp near the fields.

Just after the route rejoins the river, there’s a spot with a giant rock in the middle. It’s a wonderful place to stop for lunch, snacks, or set up your camp. 

Cross the river and continue on the route to the left. It frequently separates and rejoins, so it doesn’t matter which path you pick to walk. 

If you lose track of the trail when it passes through a meadow, keep going uphill, and you should be able to find it again.

A path leads back toward Thimphu town once you reach the Pomola Pass, which is marked with a chorten. 

You can return to Thimphu Buddha Point by taking the path to the left. Make sure you have enough time before you move. 

Spend the night at the lunch site or your camping spot and leave early the next morning to enjoy the view of the town from Buddha Point.

2. Phajoding Camping in Thimphu

Camping in Thimphu
Phajoding on top of the clouds, the morning view

Locals and visitors love to visit Phajoding, a popular spot for hiking and camping in Thimphu. 

It’s a well-worn path, but with luscious greenery along the way that will make you forget about the tedious route.

The Druk Path (a mountain path that connects Paro and Thimphu) begins and ends here; therefore, horse herders commonly pass through this place along with trekkers and hikers. 

Above the Takin Reserve (Motithang) is the starting point. It is prominently marked with a signboard at the starting point. 

The trail goes up the hill or along the river at the sign; follow the path up the hill because the other path leads to Pumola.

The trail splits and reconnects several times, including at one point where five ways intersect under an oak tree. 

That’s a good spot for a lunch break or to set up the tent. Enjoy the view from the summit, relax on the field, or watch the monks play soccer in their spare time.

If you are a quick walker, it is possible to walk from Phajoding to the temple located on the top of the peak above Phajoding Monastery and back in a day. 

It is best to set up a camp near the monastery and visit the Thousand Lakes early in the morning. Move early so you can move slowly; that’s the key.

3. Thari Goemba Camping in Thimphu

Camping in Thimphu
Enjoy the beautiful view of Thimphu city from Thari Goemba, while camping in Thimphu

One of the most pleasant and easiest camping you can do while in Thimphu is the Thari Goempa camping. 

You can visit it in a day and come back, but you are here to enjoy the thrill of camping, so spending a night along the way will refresh your mind and soul. 

Thari Goemba is located on the east side of Thimphu, nestled on the side of the mountain.

The start point is just above Yangchenphu High School (YHS); you’ll have to walk through the school to get to it. Keep heading up until you see a path veering off to the left of the road. 

This walk will render you with excellent views of Thimphu valley from the east, and you’ll be able to see Phajoding and Doedaydra Monasteries.

Along the trip, there are various locations to stop and take in the scenery and pitch up camp. 

A picnic spot is located just within the Thari Goemba, in the shade of the chorten that overlooks the valley. 

You can return the same way you came; remember that a few branching routes along the mountain wall lead to Thimphu. 

It is said that there’s a trail over the summit behind the Goemba that leads all the way to Dochula pass.

4. Tango Base Camping

Camping in Thimphu
Hike up to Tango Monastery from your base camp

This is the easiest hike in Thimphu. The Tango hiking/camping is a great way to spend your first few weeks in Bhutan before becoming fully adjusted to taking on some new adventures that the palace has to offer. 

Tango is located near Cheri on the mountain. Over the ridge, there is a trek that connects the two monasteries.

We’ll arrange for a driver to transport you to the base, where you can pitch up camp nearby. There’s a prayer wheel at the starting point, and a bridge off to the right leads to the retreat monastery’s path. 

You can head up to Tango Monastery; it will only take about an hour or so and will provide you with lots of opportunities to take in the nature and enjoy the view from above.

Tango monastery includes a library and a relics room, and the monks are typically more than willing to show you around. 

If you walk up and around the back of the monastery, you’ll see a trail to the right that leads to a beautiful view of the surrounding area.

5. Cheri

Camping in Thimphu
Enjoy the soothing sound of the river while camping in Thimphu

To begin with, this Thimphu camping spot is adjacent to the Tango monastery. You can set your camp at Cheri Monastery’s base as you cross the bridge and make your way around the chorten. 

You’ll find a Guru Rinpoche rock painting and a prayer wheel at the base.

You can walk up to the monastery after setting up your camp. 

The path is well-marked, and there are a few places to rest along the way. Even though the walk is only a little over an hour-long, it leads to a breathtaking vista at the summit, where you can pause to relax.

The monks will explain to you the monastery’s history and the significance of the statues inside. 

If you want to learn more about monasteries and Bhutan’s culture and tradition, you can also read about Famous Monasteries In Bhutan

Once you’ve passed the goempa, turn right and walk up the stairs until you reach a ledge with a panoramic view of the valley.

Things You Should Know

Camping in Thimphu
Basic things to know while camping in Thimphu

Bhutan is a lovely and clean country, but it comes at a price. The Bhutanese government strictly enforces rules to ensure that we preserve our nature for tourists and locals to enjoy it to the fullest. 

The following are the things you should know while camping in Thimphu:

  • It is prohibited to camp in Thimphu/Bhutan on your own. The rule is imposed to ensure the security of individuals and wildlife preservation. You can only camp with certified Bhutanese travel agencies like Norbu Bhutan Travel Pvt. Ltd.
  • Littering after camping in Thimphu is strictly prohibited. While it is common sense, it might slip off your head. So, it is best to check for any garbage left behind and clean it as you move.
  • It is prohibited to sabotage or defame cultural properties.
  • Any of your camping trips in Bhutan/Thimphu should not disrupt or destroy Bhutan’s wildlife, sacred places, or the country’s integrity in general.
  • If you’re taking long-term medication, remember to bring your prescriptions and medications because the camping locations in Thimphu are usually far, except for Tango and Cheri. 

You may face problems if you don’t have the medications while camping far away from the city.

Traveling is the most effective approach to broadening one’s horizons. However, camping in Thimphu while traveling enriches and improves the experience. 

Bhutan’s capital city is and has one of Bhutan’s most gorgeous locations to explore. Hills and mountains surround the city, creating a beautiful ambiance for you to relax and connect with nature.

Camping in Thimphu is ideal for individuals who enjoy trekking and camping and are always looking for new adventures. 

You can also plan a Solo Trip To Bhutan if you enjoy traveling alone. The mountains and hills serve as a retreat from city life, and the citizen of Bhutan will never make you feel you are away from home. 

Wait no longer; book your trip with us and be one with nature!


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